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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Buster's New Years Resolutions

Buster the dog, the co-writer of "Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs", has thought long and hard about what his New Years Resolutions for 2015 will be. He considers last year was a fantastic yer, with his book being reprinted, and the first time for copies of the book to be sold overseas!

With that in mind, what could he do to help the year 2015 be bigger and better? Read on, and you will find out!

Buster's Resolutions:

I won't prune things that are in those funny little ceramic pots

I will not prune any little trees with wire on them

I will only dig in the dog run, not in the backyard

There, happy now Carolyn?


Yes Buster, I am happy with those resolutions. I would have been happier if you'd told them to me to type up for you without a snarl in your voice, and your upper lip curled up in that somewhat aggressive way! He's a bad dog sometimes, it's a good thing I love him!

So Those are Buster's New Years Resolutions. My resolutions that are relevant for this blog are these:

Carolyn's Resolutions:

I will toss things to Buster that he's allowed to 'prune' that is chew up and/or eat - carrots, mushrooms etc

I will place the bonsai trees out of Buster's reach, or at least limit his access to them, and so not tempt him to do naughty things

I will give Buster plenty of access to the dog run, where he will continue to be allowed to dig as much as he wants, and will only interfere if he digs along the outer fence line, or the pool fence

And another one - I will continue to promote this funny little book, and sell or at least place as many books as I can in the hands of people who will appreciate the humour and the cute illustrations!


There that's the resolutions done, let the fun for the year 2015 begin!

Carolyn and Buster Cordon

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gardens and Dogs

When you have a garden, and you have a dog too, sometimes there are some things that need to be understood. Dogs like to dig, and they don't care if their humans don't actually want holes all over the place. So your life may involve some hole filling. Get used to it, and move on, watching where you step, of course.

Today in our garden I saw two quite different things, that show how a person can be given delight in quite different ways. The first was the delight that flowers can give. I was out in the back yard this morning, when I noticed our bougainvillea was just starting to flower. This plant is a miniature variety and it grows in a hanging basket. The flowers it has are a lovely shade of orange/pink.

So that was a lovely delight, that any plant lover would enjoy. The second one though was something that might only offer delight to a person with a warpedish sense of humour. It was dog related, and dog owners can sometimes fit into this group. I'd certainly say that about myself!

I'd let out Missy, who is a Pharaoh Hound, and our youngest dog. My husband had gone out, so I was the pooper scooper duty person for the morning. This isn't my favourite dog related task, but when you have four dogs, it's a task that has to be attended to. On a hot day, like today is, it's a task best done promptly.
Our three pharaoh hounds, hard at work! Missy is the one in the middle.

So I was in the back yard again, pooper scooper in hand, watching Missy head out to the dog run we have beyond the actual back yard. Yes, the pooper scooper would be needed, but was she going to make it a quick and easy pick up for me? Oh no, she went the tour, squatting to go, poop holding on as she went, squatting to poop, and letting it go every few awkward steps she took!

So I laughed at her - she's such a silly creature, and she looked so ridiculous! If she'd squatted and gone, with out wandering around as she let go, it would have been easier to pick up, but it wouldn't have been so funny - see, warped sense of humour! When you live with a mini pack of dogs, the warped sense of humour helps!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Shame of Dogs Who Garden

We have four dogs, and all of them play their own part in our garden. That is in the back of the house, they don't have access to the front yard, or the rest of our property, just the backyard, and the dog run running off the backyard.

It's a reasonable area the dogs have access to, you'd think it would be enough. They also have free access to the inside of the house, until we all go to bed at night. Then they're locked up, either in the main bedroom, or in our son's room, or the spare room. 

Locking them up at night means they don't bark, and they don't damage things. They can't get access to paper, or plates, or electronic equipment, and they don't set get into any strife. Everybody in the house goes to sleep, canine and human. The youngest human goes to sleep last, but that's because of his age, and his wishes. He's allegedly an adult now ...

Anyway, that's not actually relevant to this discussion. Our dogs gardening is mostly in the realm of nutrients, and pruning, with the occasional heavy duty hole digging stint. The title for the book this blogsite was set up for, "Dig It!"relates to these hole digging duties. The dog who was the inspiration for the title has moved on to whatever comes next, now, but his skills in this regard were passed on to his son.

If you were to go into our backyard,and then further into the dog run, you would be impressed at the obvious seriousness of the efforts in this hole digging activity. Digging holes can be done in many different ways. This is what it says in the book about the subject:

"Aerating the lawn simply means putting holes everywhere to improve the drainage. Someone once told me the holes are meant to be really small, and humans do it with a pitchfork  or something similar, but us dogs all know the great big holes are better.
If you make the hole big enough, it serves a dual purpose in that it lets the water get deeper into the lawn, and also the holes are lovely and cool to lie in on a hot day.
If you make enough holes you can move around the yard as the sun moves, so you always have a shady hole to lie in!"

So there you have it, a dog's view on the finer points of hole digging, compliments of Lah Dee, hole digger extraordinaire! Lah Dee doesn't just dig a hole, he digs up and chases the dirt he digs up. He, and two of our other dogs are Pharaoh Hounds, and this breed of dog loves to chase things. 

Often after Lah Dee digs up a big enough clump of dirt, he'll take it to a nice bit of lawn and hunker down and eat that clump, gnawing away at it like it's a choice piece of meat. Or that's what it looks like anyway. I'm not a dog, I don't understand everything about how his mind may go on these issues...

Friday, November 7, 2014

Ridding Garden of Pest Creatures

This picture shows our Pharaoh Hounds hard at work in the garden. Keeping the garden free of unwanted creatures is something they do often. Sadly they are not always terribly humane, and it is up to us humans to attempt to assist these pests finding humane ends to their timer in our backyard.

I don't mind the birds in the garden, if fact I love the birds who visit us. Fortunately, most of the birds are able to avoid becoming a meal to our hounds. It's a bit of a trade off - the pharaoh hound is an imported creature to our land, and the reptiles are all native to our land.

The snakes are one species I don't shed tears over, if they lose their life here. When our dogs capture a lizard though, whether it's a bearded dragon, blue tongue lizard or sleepy lizard, that pains me. I don't like it when the dogs find one of these wanderers... I just wish they would wander further, and stay in the places the dogs can't get to.

Our schnauzer is now an older lady, and she's not of the same nature as the pharaoh hounds, so these creatures, and the birds as well, are all safe from her. I just wish the dogs would all focus on the mice who invade our kitchen every now and then ...

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Buster's Thoughts

Getting rid of Garden Pests
            What are garden pests? To my mind a garden pest is anything which either you, or your humans, don't want hanging around in the garden, chewing or pooing  where they’re not wanted.
            Cats, starlings, cats, mice, lizards, cats, sparrows, cats, pigeons, cats, postmen, cats, cats. Im sure you know what to do with these—if you shred the bits they can always go on the compost heap if you’ve got one. If any cats actually live in your house it might be an idea  to leave those ones alone—humans sometimes get a bit hysterical if you get rid of the resident felines. And if you tend to be a bit slow it might be an idea to get a faster friend to deal with the cats — cats are such dirty creatures any scratches they give you tend to get infected.
            Another tip—I’d leave the snakes alone unless you’re really sure you know what you’re doing.  I knew one dog who delighted in chasing, catching and eating the cockroaches that bred under the hibiscus tree where he lived. An acquired taste, I think, and he was a bull terrier cross, which possibly explains it!

I also knew a funny schnauzer who used to do the same to the crickets that were invading her home. She thought she was helping out, and she probably was doing a lot to cut down the numbers (she caught one hundred and eighty in a night when I was visiting!) but her humans laughed and laughed at her. Fortunately she was a puppy still, and had a thick skin as well, so her feelings were not hurt. Personally I think it is beneath a dog’s dignity to expose him/herself to such human mirth! 

Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Thoughts ...

I recently had a dream about my book "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs". When I say 'recently' it was a couple of months ago, and I wrote about the dream, and what I thought it meant in my life. Then I posted my thoughts to a wevsite I have done some writing for - My Inspired Life - a link to what I wrote is above, and here too.

I don't remember my dreams as often as I'd like to. I know I have dreams, and I know that at least sometimes I dream in full colour. I can vividly remember that a dream I had last week was in colour, but I simply can't remember what happened in the dream, just that it was colourful.

If I got into the habit of writing down my dreams as soon as I woke up, I'm aware that it would be easier for me to remember my dreams. I also know I'm probably never going to do that. Why would that be? I've thought about that, and I'm really not sure why. It may be because I don't want to disturb my husband if he's still asleep when I wake up. But he's more likely to wake up before me ...

Perhaps it's because I don't want to share my dreams, and if I was writing them down, my husband might want to know what I was doing. But I've written down my dreams and shared them with others before, either in real life, or online, so that doesn't follow seem to be true. It may be my innate laziness.

Whatever the reason is, it's a fact - I haven't begun doing in yet, and may never do it. If I do, what a great resource it may be! Creative writing ideas coming to me overnight, and waiting for me when I wake up in the morning - wonderful!

Do you remember your dreams? Have you learned things, or solved problems through dreaming about them? I'd love to know how other people feel about these things.

Friday, September 19, 2014

OK, It's Prize Time!

Hi readers, I've decided it's time to get some stories together from other people with dogs who love to do the gardening. I'm looking for honest tales from people, about your gardening dog. It could be one of those diggers, or a dog who loves to do the pruning, or it may be something else.

If you have a dog who loves being in the garden, and has quirky ways to do things in the garden, please share the story here! I'm offering a free signed copy of my book, "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs" to the best tale I receive here. Entries close on the last day of October 2014.

I will announce the winner of the competition in November. Chosen entries may be put together in a collection, which will then be sold to interested readers! I'm excited about this competition, I hope everyone else is too!

If you'd like more information about this, feel free to contact me at this email address:

Thank you, and send your doggy stories in to me!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spring is Waking Up the Hounds!

Well, the sun is shining down (in between spring showers), and the dogs are leaving their sofa far more often, and venturing out to the garden. As I may have mentioned before, Buster is not a real dog, but the dogs he is based upon certainly are real dogs. They piss and shit, dig and race around, just like all dogs do.

Three of our dogs are Pharaoh Hounds, one of them a Standard Schnauzer. So this means the three hounds add chasing things into their mix of daily doings. The Schnauzer, being an older lady, and a sensible dog, leaves the chasing up to the leaner, crazier dogs... Schnauzers were originally created by German farmers to use as general farming dogs. So they were obedient and useful helpers. They were also child-friendly, earning the term 'Kinderwatcher', meaning child minder.

Pharaoh Hounds were originally named something else entirely, in their nation of origin - Malta. The Pharaoh Hound, or Kelb tal Fenek is the National Dog of Malta. They were used by farmers too, but weren't required to be obedient - their role was to hunt rabbits. Having owned this breed for over 10 years, I certainly know about their love on hunting!

Our Pharaohs will hunt any creatures that are available, outside. They've caught and killed lizards, birds, mice and at least one snake. Inside, they tend to ignore the mice, which is soooooo annoying! I've seen our pharaoh hounds snapping at flies, grasshoppers, butterflies and other assorted insects. And I've seen our Pharaoh Hound girls watching Air Force planes as they zoom by overhead ... It makes me wonder what they'd do if one ever landed here!

So, Spring is here, and the birds are all coming down with a dose of Spring Fever. The birds are so busy gathering nest building material, and engaging in the mating game, that I fear they're not always paying adequate attention to their safety. I suspect our hounds have been getting the odd bit of home killed meat, complete with feathers, here and there. I love birds, I love watching them, and it always makes me sorry when one of them falls victim to our dogs.

I love our dogs too, though, and I know it's perfectly natural for them to hunt and kill. The Laws of Nature can seem cruel, but that's just me beeing silly. Nature has many Rules and Laws, and I'm just one person, who is also subject to the Laws of Nature. I can only hope Nature continues to be kind to me, as I endeavour to be kind to Nature ...

Saturday, August 23, 2014

The Poll Results are In!

A little while ago, this site ran a poll, asking for votes on the subject on whether dogs or cats are the best. Not surprisingly, the result was 100% in favour of dogs being the best.

I write 'not surprisingly', but to be honest, with only two votes, one of them being from the creator of this book, and the blog set up to promote the book, it was always going to have a result like this. I don't know who the other vote was from, but it they've been on this blog, it's not surprising they like dogs, is it?

So this can be looked at as an experiment in social media, an example of how you need to be careful with statistics, or a failure I suppose. You could also look at it as a little game I was playing, experimenting with the tools easily available, and just looking into whether I had many people interacting with my site. Hmm, that is the same as the first-mentioned thing, just stated diferently I suppose.

But anyway, I think the question of which of something, whatever that 'something' is, will always depend on who is being asked the question. No-one can ask absolutely everyone a question, one can only ever go by the results obtained. And of course, as I've shown, the results obtained can depend on many things.

So the next time you read the results of a poll, please think about the results, and how they were obtained. If you agree with the result, you're more likely to believe in the poll, if you don't agree with the result, you're probably more likely to cast doubt on the poll.

We're curious things, aren't we, people?

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Print Run number three!

Yes the third print run of this book is done, and I now have copies of the book for sale. I love talking to people, and I love books, so the marketing of this book should go well! 

If you'd like your own personally signed copy of "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs" please send me a message either by sending an email to with "Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs" as the subject, or write a comment on this page.

The cost of the book is $10, and if you'd like a copy posted to you, there will bo no charge for postage if you live in Australia. If you live somewhere else, you will need to pay an extra amount for postage - $7 extra for one copy, $5 extra each for more than one copy. Or send me a message and we can talk about it - getting readers is more important than the money!

Gardens and dogs go together well, and this little book shows what dogs think about gardens! Buster, the dog in the book shares his wisdom about life in general, and gardening in particular, it's all good fun! 

This is Buster, a dog who knows what's what, and who'll tell you all about what he thinks about it!

Buster regarding compost:
'There are a couple of interesting angles on compost heaps. Firstly, for the serious gardener, it does take some hard work. You have to collect together lots of prunings, grass and any other bits and pieces of organic matter, dead creatures or whatever, you can find. Cotton and woolen  things from the clothes line work very well too if you shred them properly.'

Monday, August 11, 2014

Yes, Third Print Run, WooHoo!

Today I visited the printer who I've chosen to do the third print run of my book, Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs. Peter, from Bunyip Print gave me three copies of the book, for me to check and to get back to him if there were any changes needed, and to let him know if he could do the printing. (I'm a writer, a self-published one so I have to do all of these things myself. It's going well, and I'm enjoying myself with this!)

I had a quick look at it at Bunyip Print, and it all looked pretty good to me. I was advised by the woman who works there (sorry, I've forgotten your name), that I should take it home and give it a good look, to make sure it was all ready to go.

I didn't really think I'd need to actually do anything, but once I got home today, I fired up the computer and sat down with the book, and my copy of the manuscript that is on the computer. Imagine my horror when I discovered some paragraphs missing in the proof copy of the book!

On checking it back against an older copy, I was able to fill in the gaps, deleted an image that I'd used to fill in a gap, not realising there was a gap because I'd somehow deleted a paragraph of text. I hope I've fixed all of the errors. I changed the text in the caption of one of the illustrations, and in general checked everything.

After I did all of that, I sent the revised copy to Peter at Bunyip Print, with a list of the changes made. I've heard back from Peter, and I have to say, I am impressed by his promptness. I'm certainly going to talk up Bunyip Print - such attention to detail, and promptness is always impressive, and I feel they will do the best for my book, this one and any others I may produce in the future...

Dealing with the local businesses always feels good to me, and when they seem as good as this one, it makes me even happier to be doing business locally!

So Buster the Dog is going into the third print run of his book, and I launch back into promoting his book for him! I think my next move will be to produce some bookmarks, with words of Gardening Wisdom from Buster! Keep your eye out on this website, and please get in contact if you'd like a copy of the book - it will be $10.00 $AUD, with no charge for postage, unless the cost is huge...

Friday, August 8, 2014

Watch Out! Someone Let The Dog Out!

Well, they haven't let the dog out quite yet, but by this time next week, Buster will be out on the streets, and copies of his gardening book will be out there too!

Yes "Dig It! Gardening Tips For Dogs" is having its third print run, has been been reformatted and now has more pages! Yay, good times!

If you have a dog, have had a dog, know someone who has a dog, or know what a dog is, this is the book for you! It's all about dogs, and gardens, and life in general, really. There is much wisdom in this book, written by a dog that doesn't really exist. Or does he?

Buster and Carolyn Cordon produced the text for this lovely little book, Allyson Hean produced the illustrations, and you the reader will produce the huge laughter as you read it and see the pictures! There's no telling what Buster and Carolyn might come up with next, but rest assured, the X rated book some were waiting for is certainly never going to happen. Buster might be up for it, but Carolyn has a good reputation to uphold, and isn't interested in THAT project!

So, if you'd like to get yourself a copy of this great book, leave a message here, and we can discuss the details. The cost will be $15 AUD a copy, with no charge for postage (unless you want it sent to somewhere really expensive. Certainly no charge for postage in Australia.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Time I Mean It!

I really am going to do that new print run for this book, that I've been promising for the past two years. Honestly I am. I have at least two people who will buy a copy of the book, and surely after those two people, there will be many more!

I'd really love to add a new, unseen by others picture to the book, but I seem to have put it away in that safe place where things go to, and disappear for days/months/years ...

Oh well, I've changed the format slightly, improving it, and making it a slightly longer book. And that's a good thing, more pages, more words, more fun! I'll look into putting the book online too, but not today, I'm not sure I'm up to doing that. I'll copy the doc to a memory stick though, and visit the printer tomorrow, to get the printing going.

So this means that very, very soon there will be more copies of this humourous little book wending their way around the world, sharing love of gardening, dogs and funny stuff. This is a good thing, in our world that seems to be going nuts about war and being horrible to people. When we pay attention to our pets and our gardens, life becomes something worth doing again.

Be like a dog, or a tree perhaps. Be in the moment, whatever that moment is - eating, resting, playing, waving in the breeze. Just be in the moment, and the moment will be with you. This way lies serenity.