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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Gardens and Dogs

When you have a garden, and you have a dog too, sometimes there are some things that need to be understood. Dogs like to dig, and they don't care if their humans don't actually want holes all over the place. So your life may involve some hole filling. Get used to it, and move on, watching where you step, of course.

Today in our garden I saw two quite different things, that show how a person can be given delight in quite different ways. The first was the delight that flowers can give. I was out in the back yard this morning, when I noticed our bougainvillea was just starting to flower. This plant is a miniature variety and it grows in a hanging basket. The flowers it has are a lovely shade of orange/pink.

So that was a lovely delight, that any plant lover would enjoy. The second one though was something that might only offer delight to a person with a warpedish sense of humour. It was dog related, and dog owners can sometimes fit into this group. I'd certainly say that about myself!

I'd let out Missy, who is a Pharaoh Hound, and our youngest dog. My husband had gone out, so I was the pooper scooper duty person for the morning. This isn't my favourite dog related task, but when you have four dogs, it's a task that has to be attended to. On a hot day, like today is, it's a task best done promptly.
Our three pharaoh hounds, hard at work! Missy is the one in the middle.

So I was in the back yard again, pooper scooper in hand, watching Missy head out to the dog run we have beyond the actual back yard. Yes, the pooper scooper would be needed, but was she going to make it a quick and easy pick up for me? Oh no, she went the tour, squatting to go, poop holding on as she went, squatting to poop, and letting it go every few awkward steps she took!

So I laughed at her - she's such a silly creature, and she looked so ridiculous! If she'd squatted and gone, with out wandering around as she let go, it would have been easier to pick up, but it wouldn't have been so funny - see, warped sense of humour! When you live with a mini pack of dogs, the warped sense of humour helps!


  1. It's all copacetic, Carolyn! I can just see this happening... Hugs to the pups, Missy in particular!

  2. The dogs are fun, annoying and lovely at different time!


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