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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Diggy Dog

Well, Graham and I took our diggy dog La De (pharaoh hound) as well as our schauzer Nena to the dog park two days ago. He could have dug there as much as he liked and no-one would have got upset.

There were some nice piles of sand at the park as well as some interesting looking areas with bushes and dirt. He ran around sniffing and peeing, but he didn't dig at all!

Which just proves the saying 'you can lead a hound to dirt piles, but you can't make him dig.'

The visit was lots of fun anyway, for all of us. It's lovely watching a pharaoh hound run - they are such beautiful movers. Nena seemed to enjoy running around too. She's not as super elegant as La De, but she does move well.

Nena peed on almost as many things as La De did, silly girl!

A good day was had by all!