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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

This Time I Mean It!

I really am going to do that new print run for this book, that I've been promising for the past two years. Honestly I am. I have at least two people who will buy a copy of the book, and surely after those two people, there will be many more!

I'd really love to add a new, unseen by others picture to the book, but I seem to have put it away in that safe place where things go to, and disappear for days/months/years ...

Oh well, I've changed the format slightly, improving it, and making it a slightly longer book. And that's a good thing, more pages, more words, more fun! I'll look into putting the book online too, but not today, I'm not sure I'm up to doing that. I'll copy the doc to a memory stick though, and visit the printer tomorrow, to get the printing going.

So this means that very, very soon there will be more copies of this humourous little book wending their way around the world, sharing love of gardening, dogs and funny stuff. This is a good thing, in our world that seems to be going nuts about war and being horrible to people. When we pay attention to our pets and our gardens, life becomes something worth doing again.

Be like a dog, or a tree perhaps. Be in the moment, whatever that moment is - eating, resting, playing, waving in the breeze. Just be in the moment, and the moment will be with you. This way lies serenity.

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