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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
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Monday, August 15, 2016

Food From our Garden - Yummy Goodness

For tea tonight (I'm dining alone for a change), I have decided to make a light meal, using some of the good green things we have growing in our garden, plus other foods from our kitchen. The foods from our garden are garlic, chives and kale.

I chose leaves from the garlic bulbs in the garden, some chive and kale leaves. I cut up the garlic and chives leaves, and also a small mushroom (cut into small dice), as well as a small amount of cheddar cheese (also cut into small dice). I put a left-over wrap on an oven tray, spread the wrap with sweet chilli sauce and then spread all of the chopped up food evenly over it, and put it in the oven (210 C).

With the kale, I cut each kale leaf in half lengthwise, along the stem. This left me with half kale leaves that are about the same size (but not thickness) of potato fries. I put these into a plastic bag, sprinkled on a little olive oil, then place them on another baking tray, then sprinkled on a little stock powder.

I left it all in the oven for fifteen minutes and then checked how it was going. It smelt divine, and when I open the oven, I could see it was nearly ready, the kale crisping up, the wrap getting firmer and browner and the cheese also browning a little, yum!

I turned off the oven, then finished typing this up. My tummy is saying hurry up, and now the proof of the goodness of the meal is about to be tested. I am certain the end result will be excellent. If I don't come back to report on it, you can be assured it was a fine meal. Not much there for the dogs, although I did share some of the mushroom with the dogs when I was chopping it up - the dogs are always in the kitchen when food is being prepared.

Off I go, goodbye!

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