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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Where are my Dogs?

That's a question I don't have to ask at the moment. It's winter, and the dogs are on their sofa.

Or they may be outside, but very soon they'll knock on the door, asking to come back inside. Well, more likely jumping at the door which is their way of knocking.

Lah De doesn't get let outside for long, because, well, he does like to dig. The grass is slowly creeping back where he's dug it up, but I don't think it will be all better before summer, which feels like it's a long, long way away!

Winter is my most unfavourite season. I get chilblains on my feet and I get cold. Give me Autumn, I love Autumn. I live the weather in Autumn, I love the colours of the leaves, I love it all!

Spring is OK, summer is a trial, but Autumn is divine!

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