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Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs

Dig It! Gardening Tips for Dogs
a book for when your dog gardens too, too much!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow, the Weather yesterday was Amazing!

Wild wind and a stay out of the rain day yesterday for the dogs. None of the dogs we have now are afraid of thunder and lightning fortunately, but none of them are mad keen on the driving rain we had.

La De Da still had a bit of a dig up of the back 'lawn' though! It's amazing - he will not get it through his head that we don't want him digging. The thrill of chasing the dirt he digs up is the best part, and if I yell at him he thinks it's good he's getting attention.

I am making some progress with La De though - he sits for his dinner, comes to me more often when I call him, and he sits other times when I tell him too. The Pharaoh Hound is just not as obedient as a Schnauzer though. The Pharaohs are clever like cats are clever, which is not what you want from a dog, is it?

Just as well they're handsome. There is a gorgeous Pharaoh Hound on TV the other night. We watched some of Crufts and the winner of the Hound Group was a Pharaoh Hound! INT CH NORTHGATE'S AS YOU LIKE IT [ATC AJ01287FIN]
look here

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